Hiking on both sides of the Rhine

Spectacular views of the romantic Middle Rhine valley are guaranteed on the new Top Hiking Routes in Europe: left, the ”Rhein-Burgenwanderweg”, and right the ”Rheinsteig” take you along good pathways and slightly demanding steeper tracks to castles, woods and vineyards high above the Rhine.

These paths are well sign-posted, and more than 150 kilometres of them offer perfect routes for ambitious hikers or less ambitious short walkers. They can be easily reached by train, boat and car. And the Rhine Hotel Bacharach is an ideal departure and arrival point. Well-fortified after a generous breakfast, well-equipped with our ’Picknick-Rucksack’, well-catered for during a quiet evening meal with a refreshing glass of best Bacharach wine.

On the following links you can find more information:
» www.Rheinsteig.de
» www.RheinBurgenWeg.com

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